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Sustainable energy solutions

Our range of hidrogen generators is tailored to the specific needs of each project, with one range for low consumption and another for those requiring larger volumes. Hydrogen generation capacity can go from  150kW (electric equivalence) in the lower range to several MW in the upper one, taking advantage of the scalability of our products.

M18 - Medium Power:
Capacity 10kg h₂/hour
 (150kW equivalence)

m18 hydrogen generator medium power

Scalable high-capacity hydrogen generation modules for large consumers. The M series is aimed at Mobility applications, especially in trains and FCEV trucks where it replaces high pressure hydrogen cylinders.

The L series is focused on stationary applications, where it becomes an attractive alternative versus hydrogen generation systems by hydrolysis, providing a solution with low investment costs (Capex) and lower operating costs (Opex). 


It is perfectly suited for hydrogen recharge stations (HRS) and/or combined charging stations (CCS) where high generation capacities are required.

M30 - High Power:
Capacity 16kg h₂/hour
 (250kW equivalence)

Methanol Reformers’ Hydrogen generation technology produces Hydrogen from Methanol – on land, on board, and on-demand. This proven solution is robust and efficient, enabling you to reduce your current greenhouse gas emissions.

The more powerful M30 is scalable, compact, and designed for ease of use with a variety of land & mobile fuel cell power applications, easily integrating with PEMFCs for electric power generation.

m30 hydrogen generator high power

Our product offers great technical advantages

Environmentally friendly

Reduces CO2 emissions by 28% with zero emissions of particulate pollutants in the case of fossil methanol and in the case of green methanol its operation achieves carbon neutrality.

Reliable and low maintenance

Sturdy design with no moving parts to cause wear and tear, the units are equipped with advanced, fully automated control systems that also allow remote monitoring.

Low Capital Expenditure (Capex)

Especially when compared to the investments required to implement electrolyzer systems (-25%).

Vibration resistant

Due to incorporating few moving parts & sturdy design. Particularly suitable for mobile applications. 


Additional units are simply added to match supply to demand. Scalable from 150 kW to several MW.

Long service life

The consumables (catalyst and H2 filter membrane) have a service life of approximately > 20,000 operating hours for the filter membrane and > 40,000 for the catalyst.

Fast hydrogen availability

From hot standby mode, the M/L series takes less than 3 minutes to start hydrogen supply.


Integrated Solution for H₂ and/or Electric Supply

Our comprenhensive product line includes containerized solutions for hassle free power generation in local or remote areas.

A 20 feet and a 40 feet container solutions are available to closely match your power needs. These solution are scalable up to MW level requirements

Choose: Hydrogen or Electricity?

Our solutions suit your needs either it is high purity hydrogen for your HRS or a sizable electric power output to charge electric vehicles.

Scalable - Modular - Plug&play

20 feet

Containerized power system

Integrated Power Generator from methanol

20 feet containerized power system from methanol
  • Complete independent power solution, fully integrated into a 20-foot container to provide more than 150 - 250 kWh of high efficiency, low emission electricity for different applications.

  • Incorporates one M18 or M30, one 150 - 250 kWh FC System and a battery pack​.

Integrated H₂ Generator from methanol

20 feet hydrogen generator from methanol
  • Fully integrated independent hydrogen solution enclosed into a 20-foot container to provide 20- 32 kg/h of high purity carbon neutral hydrogen ISO14687 suited for different applications

  • Incorporates two M18 or M30, two hydrogen tanks and a compressor able to deliver hydrogen at a pressure of 30bar. Ready to connect to the HRS station two stage compressor.

40 feet

Containarized power system

40 feet hydrogen generator
  • Complete independent power solution, fully integrated into a 40-foot container to provide 300 - 500 kWh of electricity with high efficiency & low emissions for different applications.

  • Incorporates two M18 or M30 and two 150 - 250 kWh FC systems.

Our generators are second to none 

Reduced Noise and Pollution

High quality H₂ production where it is needed. No transport or storage of compressed H₂ is required

No harmful gas emissions

Scalable for growing Hydrogen Deployments

Low CO₂ emissions

24/7 Run Times; no operator needed 

Low CAPEX compared to Electrolyser

Limited Power Requirements (2Kw)


We are here to develop and produce together unique solutions. Contact our departments and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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