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Puerto de Marsella

Application areas

On-board and on-site solutions for H₂ and/or electric generation 

Stand alone solutions (M18 / M30) or Integrated Solutions (20 / 40 feet)

On-site applications

Methanol allows the use of existing fossil fuel supply infrastructures with minimal modifications & investments. 

Emissions can be carbon neutral upon methanol feedstock

HRS / BEV recharge stations

HRS Hydrogen Charging Station for FCEV vehicles: Before the arrival of a future where hydrogen is universally distributed, our products offer a simple and affordable solution to supply hydrogen to FCEVs without the need for transport and storage of large compressed H₂ tanks that may be subject to special restrictions in urban areas.

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles (BEV)The important expansion of electric vehicles (BEVs) requires the creation of charging points in locations, near or remote, where high electrical power output may not be available. For these situations, our hydrogen generators open up the possibility of powerful, demand-driven, self reliant, scalable power generation.

Hydrogen / Electric recharge station
Off-road solutions

Off-road & heavy-duty

Off-road solutions for supporting operations in off-grid and pollution-sensitive restricted areas. Our systems are tailored to provide reliable power in remote locations, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Fleet recharging

Trucks & buses:


Fleet recharging solutions designed for trucks and buses, both electric and hydrogen-powered. Our recharging systems are engineered to provide fast and efficient charging, enabling your fleet to be road-ready in no time.

Fleet recharging

Energy supply systems

Energy supply systems for a variety of applications, including electric charging in construction sites. Our systems are designed to supply power to construction machinery, even in remote, isolated, or extreme weather conditions.

Perfectly suited for environments requiring low noise operation and reduce particle emission levels substituting current diesel gensets.

Data centers

We provide green energy solutions tailored for massive costumers. Our offerings empower data centers to operate efficiently while minimizing their environmental impact.

containerized solution port


Hydrogen or electric supply infrastructure is tailored to facilitate essential functions such as shore-to-ship operations, container handling, and enhancing port mobility. Our systems are designed to ensure sustainable operations, addressing the unique demands of port environments while minimizing environmental impact.

We offer green energy solutions for port cranes, airport operations, and warehouse machinery.

Material handling

On-board applications

Ideal for heavy-duty vehicles demanding extended fuel ranges. 


Emissions can be carbon neutral upon methanol feedstock


- Train fitted with 300-400 kWh PEMFC

- Retrofitting of diesel trains

Solution tailored to any locomotive model

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