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Other ways to generate hydrogen

Methanol Reformer: solving the intricacy of hydrogen logistics

Hydrogen generator:
Hydrogen gas or electric power on-site & on-demand

We design and produce solutions based on methanol-reforming technologies with the goal of achieving hydrogen in a clean, efficient and decentralized way, applicable to both mobile and static environments.

We promote projects with scalable solutions that adapt to different levels of demand at reasonable costs. Our products allow enhanced reduction of carbon footprint, contribute to a more sustainable future following to the new paradigm of the European Union. We are committed to supporting actions against climate change & global warming.

Methanol to                                                                                                    Hydrogen  

(Methanol + water)                                                                                       (Gas)

Hydrogen generator from methanol

Methanol reforming highlights

Hydrogen generation through the methanol reforming process produces 27% less CO₂ when compared with fossil fuels and no polluting particles (0% NOx and 0% SOx). If the methanol is generated in a green fashion (biofuel), then the process is carbon neutral. This allows for a quick shift to likely changes in legislation.

Catalytic Reforming:

A century proven technology

The catalytic reforming process has been widely used in industries for over a century. The methanol is heated in a gasification chamber and the resulting vapor is driven through a catalyst where is splitted into hydrogen and other gases. In this way, our reformer achieves high H₂ output volumes while enclosed in a very compact & portable cabinet.

Compact propietary 

filter system

The characteristic that stands out from competitors is its patented filter technology. Though compact in size, it increases the hydrogen purity to above 99.997% with less than 0.2 ppm CO₂. This allows its usage in fuel cells without the risk of contamination or permanent damage. It has been tested with most of the industry leaders’ cells.

Delivering the solution for H₂ logistics

H₂ logistics by methanol radically cuts the transport costs

Solution for hydrogen logistics

Why methanol? 
The most suitable hydrogen carrier


Methanol is considered the most suitable hydrogen carrier with a superb ratio of 1 to 12 versus standard compressed hydrogen transport. Transport the hydrogen as far away as it is needed in a safe and inexpensive way. Our reformer runs on any type of methanol depending on the degree of sustainability required by the client or the regulations.

Why hydrogen? 
Because H₂ is set to be the fuel of the future

  • Abundant in Earth​

  • Does not pollute or produce harmful residues​

  • Can be obtained from various sources​

  • Can be stored in different ways​

  • Can be transported in large scale​

  • Can be transformed into electricity without burning.​

  • Base to produce other fuels


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