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Tren moderno

Join the revolution in the railway sector

The optimum way to support the Green Commitment in our train network.

Our hydrogen generator may be the best solution to retrofit the old diesel locomotives still running on many european tracks. Or for the out-of-the-box h2 ready ones, just switch the cumbersome supply of compressed hydrogen with on site , on demand supply hydrogen station (HRS).

Hydrogen electric railway

Solution tailored to any locomotive model

Reduced emissions / zero* emissions:

Generate hydrogen on board, eliminating harmful emissions.

Energy efficiency:

Maximize energy utilization without transportation or storage losses.

Autonomy and flexibility:

Increased operational range and independence from external hydrogen infrastructure.

Noise reduction:

Quieter operation compared to diesel or electric trains. Minimizes noise pollution in urban and residential areas.

Environmental compliance:

Meets stringent environmental regulations and decarbonization goals.


Utilize current railway infrastructure, reducing implementation time and cost.

Sustainable transition:

Accelerate the shift towards environmentally friendly rail transport.

*Emissions can be carbon neutral upon methanol feedstock



We are here to develop and produce together unique solutions. Contact our departments to help you with your project and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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