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Heavy vehicles in off grid environments

Supporting mining & construction operations in off grid & pollution restricted areas through power by clean hydrogen.

In isolated and remote environments, where logistics and energy efficiency are critical, our methanol-to-hydrogen reformer is positioned as a cutting-edge solution to drive sustainability in the heavy vehicle industry. Also highly desirable in urban environments where strict polluting restrictions are in force.
Either be by retrofitting existing vehicles or supplying out-of-the box h2 ready ones with a convenient on site HRS, clean hydrogen powered vehicles are the future of this sector.

Autonomous hydrogen production:

On-board methanol reformers for isolated heavy-duty vehicles.

Reduced infrastructure dependency:

Versatile hydrogen production in remote environments.

Environmental sustainability:

Emissions reduction for cleaner air in isolated settings.

Improved efficiency:

Elimination of frequent refueling stops for productivity.

Resilient and reliable performance:

Uninterrupted operation in off-grid areas.

Customizable for specific needs:

Tailored methanol reformers for optimal performance.

Energy independence:

Reduced reliance on external fuel sources.

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